VHS or camcorder tapes transferred to DVD

Somewhere in your house is a drawer full of videotapes - aging home movies shot with a big, bulky camcorder that may not even work anymore. VHStoDVD

It is a sad fact, but magnetic tapes do not last forever. They start to degrade after only a couple of years, and after a few more years, you will begin to see a noticeable difference in the video quality.

You may notice that your wedding video is not as sharp as it used to be, or there is some intermittent snow in the video, colour distortion, or even missing parts on the tape. Soon you will not even be able to play your video at all! So what can you do to preserve your precious memories? videos

For the reasons above and many more, DVDs are becoming the mainstream, and VHS is becoming obsolete.

We can convert all types of video formats to DVD -

Our basic service allows us to fit 2 hours of video on to each DVD. This can be a combination of several smaller videos or tapes. The screen menu provides thumbnail pictures of each video and inserts chapter marks every 5 minutes for ease of access and viewing on PC or TV.


Why not have your videos transferred to a USB Flash Drive and play them directly from your TV?

Although customers still request video conversion to DVD, our most popular request at the moment is transferring home videos to a USB flash drive / pen drive or portable hard drive so that they can be played back directly from a Smart TV.

USB Drive A USB drive will hold 100's of hours of your precious memories and will provide instant access to any of them. You can also edit the videos or make your own copies to share with friends and family.

Many modern laptops no longer have DVD players so it will probably not be long before the 2 hour capacity DVD takes its place in the format graveyard next to our old friends the VHS tape and floppy disk.

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