Jack - The Story so Far

Jacks story..
Jack started having seizures at 8 months old and on the 3rd January 2013 he was diagnosed with West Syndrome that was the very day our lives fell apart and we knew life would never be the same again for Jack, his sisters and his parents.

This syndrome is an rare uncommon Epileptic disorder, unfortunately this disorder is difficult to treat and Jacks Epilepsy has evolved into Lennox Gastuat Syndrome an even more severe Epileptic disorder.

Jacks seems to be resistant to all Epilepsy medication and he continues to worry us with seizures. Jacks consultant Dr Shah whom myself and Katie are raising money for has been amazing he is 100% dedicated to his job and his patients. Jack isn't just a patient he's a little boy that's ill and needs his help.

The nurses that work with Dr Shah - Ena Cromar and Jo Campbell have also been amazing they have supported Jacks parents and are always at the end of a phone, these nurses work hard and are also 100% committed. Every penny we raise will go to the Neurology Dept at ARI to help kids like Jack.

Leanne Pearson and Katie Strachan are running in the 2014 City of Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k Running Festival which will take place on Sunday 18th May. All donations are hugely appreciated no matter how big or small every penny helps.

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Jack - Before Jack was Born

Baby Shower, had no idea what was in front of us.



Jack - 0 to 3 months.

We were told at 8 weeks something wasn't right because Jack wouldn't fix and follow at his 8 week check up.



Jack - 3-6 months

Jack was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia - which means he is partially sighted, this condition comes with a lot if other disabilities.



Jack - 6 to 9 months

Jack's seizures started



Jack - 9 to 12 months

Jack was diagnosed with West Syndrome a rare uncommon epileptic disorder



Jack - 12 to 18 months

Jack's condition evolved into Lennox Gastuat Syndrome another rare uncommon epileptic disorder that is very hard to treat.



Jack - 18 to 24 months

Jack's consultant Dr Shah continues to investigate why all this has happened. Jack has an undiagnosed condition that has caused the Epilepsy and Eye condition.



Jack - Fund Raising

Determined to do the very best for our beautiful boy and at the same time help raise awareness and funds for the wonderful Neurology Dept at sick kids Aberdeen