Slides and Transparencies

slides and transparenciesWe can scan your mounted or unmounted 35mm slides or strips of negative or positive transparencies. We can also deal with larger or odd sized negatives



Scan Samples

The following images were scanned at 2000 and 4000 dpi to JPEG files and reduced to thumbnail size for presentation on this page. You can click on the links below to see the full-sized 2000 dpi images along with the full-sized 4000 dpi images. The full-sized images will exhibit the amount of detail that can be captured from a printed photo at the two different levels.

     2000 dpi   sample1000     4000 dpi   sample4000         

Click on the links above and the samples will open in a new window.

You will not be able to see any difference on the web page. Right click anywhere in the new window and then save to your desktop so that you can open them in a viewer program such as Windows Picture and Fax viewer.

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